Q.Mix environmental policy is designed to contribute in building a better world. We operate our facilities in accordance with local laws, standards and regulations; applying state-of-the-art environmental management systems. As such, we constantly take the necessary precautions to minimize the exposure of our employees and the residential areas nearby our plants to environmental, health or safety risks by applying safety measurements during our operations.

At Q.Mix we are always targeting to minimize the use of non-renewable resources whenever possible. We also work on limiting the hazardous outcomes and other wastes of our operations. This could be achieved by using substitute raw materials and alternative fuels as well as disposing of wastes using safe and environment-friendly methods. It is our obligation to undertake measures to prevent accidental emissions, in addition to always having emergency programs ready.

Our duty is to conduct environmental audits for all facilities on a routine schedule and in connection with all acquisitions and divestments. We continuously develop rehabilitation plans for all quarry sites that takes account of the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and, where feasible, fosters wildlife habitat creation and contributes to the conservation of endangered species. Q.Mix implements sustainability and product stewardship practices in the design, manufacturing, distribution and application of our products to enhance their contribution to sustainable construction, minimizes their impact on human health and the environment, and limits the amount of wastes.

Q.Mix provides adequate financial and human resources, employees training and awareness raising to facilitate continuous improvement in environmental performance. We are committed to the Ministry of Environmental Affairs regulations and controls including installation of measuring instruments on all our chimneys connected to the National Environmental Control Network which enables the on line monitoring of the dust and hazardous gases