Readymix Concrete Solutions

With our firm reliability resources and technical expertise all products are specifically designed for a wide range of applications including, house building, industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. All products comply with accredited quality assurance schemes and meet the relevant United Arab Emirates, British and/or European standards.


Architectural/Decorative Concrete 
Architectural/Decorative  is an efficient and very cost-effective solution that can be engineered to suit your project needs. Decorative pavement can be designed to compliment your unique style into your interior and exterior areas.

Durable Concrete
Durable Concrete is our range of everyday concretes for a vast range of uses, from villas to commercial and industrial developments, Whatever the size and scope of the development Q.MIX have the experience, quality and capacity to support your needs.

SCC is a self compacting concrete designed for speed, ease of construction and high quality finish. It sets with a smooth surface that requires no vibrating and minimal further finishing. It can be used to replace conventional concrete in many applications.

Fibre Concrete
The addition of polypropylene and steel fibres to a mix produces a concrete that is more resistant to cracking and has reduced bleeding and settlement. Concrete containing fibres is more resistant to abrasion and impact

Lightweight Concrete
Lightweight concrete by Q.MIX incorporates advanced admixture technology with a special aggregates to produce mixes with much lower densities than normal concrete. Structural concretes of up to 50N/mm2 compressive strength can be produced with a dry density of 1900kg/m3 and non structural mixes can be produced with densities as low as 1000kg/m3

High Early Strength Concrete
High early strength concretes, developed to meet the most demanding time constraints of modern construction projects. It has similar characteristics to normal concrete but it reaches accelerated strengths just four hours after setting, yet retains workability for up to 120 minutes.

Green Concrete
Green Concrete is a range of high performance, low carbon concretes designed to offer certified Carbon Footprint reduction and enhanced durability when compared to normal concretes made with conventional OPC cement. Certification of environmental performance is available via Q.MIX's unique Carbon Footprint tool.

Screed Conrete

A range of high quality screeding concretes, factory produced and complying to all regulations. It displays distinct advantages over site mixed screeds in terms of accurate mix proportions, consistent properties, shorter dying times and higher strength.

Shotcrete Concrete
Q.MIX Shotcrete is a specially designed concrete developed for use with compressed air spraying equipment. Shotcrete is a fast and effective way to apply a concrete in areas where using conventional concrete would be difficult. Q.MIX Shotcrete also formas an integral part of an innovative low cost, low carbon housing solution.

Filling Concrete
Filling Concrete is the ready mix solution for all your jobs that requires filling.
It is a high performance, cost effective solution that offers our customers highly workable, low density material that requires no compaction.
Filling Concrete can be deliver to site form the chute of a truck or it can be pumped to the required location. Compare to normal concrete the risk of plastic shrinkage or settlement cracking is significantly lower.
Filling Concrete with its controlled low strength can re-excavated manually hence making it a natural substitute of sand, road base or even concrete in channels, pipelines, casings, pits, etc…